Progress of CAT Plans

At present 28 CAT Plans for various Hydro Electric Projects & Irrigation Projects are under implementation. The progress is given below :-

River Basin CAT Plan (click to view/ download PDF files) Click to view latest progress (MS Excel files)
Satluj Baspa-II HEP Baspa-II
Karchham Wangtoo HEP K_Wangtoo
Kashang HEP Kashang
Kol Dam HEP Kol Dam
Kut HEP Kut
Nathpa Jhakri Power Corporation HEP NJPC
Rampur HEP Rampur
Sorang HEP Sorang
Tidong HEP Tidong
Jongini HEP Jongini
Sumez HEP Sumez
Upper Nanti HEP Upper Nanti
Lower Nanti HEP Lower Nanti
Raura-II HEP Raura-II
Wanger Hamte HEP Wanger Hamte
Shongtong Karchham HEP Shongtong Karchham
Selti-Masrang HEP Selti-Masrang HEP
Luhri HEP Luhri HEP
Yamuna Sawra Kuddu HEP Sawra Kuddu
Tangnu Romai HEP Tangnu Romai
Dhamwari Sunda HEP Dhamwari Sunda
Paudital Lassa HEP Paudital Lassa

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